Immigrate Quebec Permanent Workers

Eligibility Criteria

Immigration to the province of Quebec is governed by a separate set of regulations. Quebec defines its own immigration requirements and selects immigrants who can adapt well to living there.

To apply for a Certificat de sélection du Québec (Québec selection certificate), applicants must create an account in the Mon projet Québec section and complete an application for a selection certificate online.

In order to qualify for CSQ, an applicant must be able to obtain enough points in the Quebec Immigration selection system. A single applicant requires at least 50 points, and an applicant with a spouse must be able to score a minimum of 59 points. A summary of selection criteria and the scoring system is as below:

Modifications to the selection grid for skilled workers: the “adaptability” factor is no longer considered in the evaluation.





















 Age 16
 Education (Level and Area of Training) 26
 Work Experience 8
 Language Proficiency
 Employment Offer 10
 Spouse's Characteristics 16
 Children 8
 Family and Previous stay in Quebec 8
 Financial Self-sufficiency 1
(1 point absolutely essential)


Quebec Permanent Worker applicants must also pass medical and security checks before they are granted a permanent resident visa.