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It is self-evident why speaking English and/or French is a mandatory requirement of immigration to Canada. However, one typical mistake most prospective immigrants to Canada make is that they assume that it is only the principal applicant who is required to know one of Canada's official languages, i.e., English or French. Although the immigration law of Canada demands that only the main applicant provide proof of language proficiency, all the other members of the family must also learn to communicate in English and/or French.

The number one reason for failure of immigrants in Canada is lack of proficiency in English (or French, if they are destined to a French-speaking province). Most immigrants and their family members arrive in Canada with minimum language proficiency. This retards their progress and delays their success in the job market, academic studies as well as social integration.

It can never be emphasized enough that the only valuable possession an immigrant to Canada can take with them, apart from their education and work experience, is the language ability. Almost all applicants complain about the long processing times. However, the best thing that can be done while waiting for the processing of your application to complete is to incessantly improve your language skills.

We strongly believe that your communication skills are of utmost importance in your success in Canada. 

Remember that all your family members need to acquire language and communication skills in order to become ready for interacting with the community they will soon be a member of.

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