Federal Skilled Trades Program

As of January 2015, there is a new system for people to apply to this program. It is called Express Entry.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program is for people who want to become permanent residents based on their qualifications in a skilled trade.

If someone is eligible to immigrate under the Federal Skilled Trades program, they can submit their Express Entry profile:

  1. They will be placed in a pool with other eligible candidates,
  2. Based on the information they put in their profile, they will be given a score and ranked against others in the pool,
  3. Top candidates will get an Invitation to apply,

*IRCC will issue an Invitation to Apply to the highest ranking candidates from the pool through regular “rounds of invitations”,

        4. Those invited to apply will have 90 days to apply online for permanent residence.

*Express Entry profile will expire if they are not invited to apply in those 12 months.

More information is available in these links:

Eligibility Criteria

List of Eligible Trades